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Each home, family and business has individual needs, so it makes sense that these systems are available in a range of sizes and complexities to suit you. If you choose a system too small, you could end up wasting money and power on a system which can’t meet your demands, or vice versa, on running a system far too large for the area you need to heat or cool.

With more emphasis now than ever on safe and healthy living and working environments, people are looking towards this method of heating and cooling. Kiwis have a history of cold and damp houses and even with the appropriate system in place, insulation and building orientation still have a large part to play in potential heatloss.

That aside, air conditioning/heat pumps are a great option for introducing a more eco friendly and efficient method of heating and cooling your home.

Here is a few facts to consider:

  • Heat pumps are often 50% more cost efficient than gas
  •  This method is incredibly low maintenance, requiring minimal servicing
  • Heat pumps have recently been shown to be a successful option for relieving asthma and allergy conditions.
  • They are available in a variety of forms: single room, multiroom, ducted systems etc. to suit your individual needs.

About this Process

At CT Wide we work with you to find the appropriate system for your needs. Each property is different and therefore careful consideration is needed before choosing a system and installing it.

We work with you to consider:

  • The building itself, its size and ability to retain heat
  • How you use your property (its pointless to heat or cool rooms which you barely spend any time in)
  • Your budget

Once we know more about you, your property and your needs we can offer our expertise and advice in choosing the most appropriate model for you keeping your budget and the systems efficiency in mind. 

Our goal is to equip you with the right system to keep your home, family or business comfortable all year round in the most efficient way possible.

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As with most aspects of your property, air conditioning and refrigeration systems require maintenance and servicing to ensure they are performing to the best of their ability and efficiency, CT Wide can make sure you are getting the most out of your systems.


A reliable and efficient refrigeration system is essential when you rely on this technology on a regular basis. Our technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable, ensuring you get the best possible system for your individual needs and budget.


As with every other technology out there, no matter how well you look after it, sometimes things just go wrong. When it does, you can trust CT Wide to troubleshoot, and repair your systems in a time and cost effective manner to the highest standard. 


With so many options out there it is natural to have questions or concerns about what to expect from this technology. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What exactly is a heat pump?

A heat pump, also known as a reverse cycle air conditioner is a device which extracts heat energy from one volume of air and then transfers it to another. In other words one body of air gets warmer, while the other gets colder.

This way they can:

  • cool air in the summer
  • heat air in the winter
  • dehumidify air
  • circulate and filter air
How do they work?

Heat pumps use similar technology to your fridge, they compress gas and then allow it to expand, extracting heat as it does so.

Therefore even if the air outside is freezing, heat pumps can extract heat energy and pump it inside to keep your home warm. In summer it works in reverse, extracting heat from indoors and pumping it outside leaving your home comfortable and cool.

Will it take up a lot of room?

Not at all, they are designed insize and style to be discreet, and they have low noise levels now compared to much older models. They can be fitted close to the ceiling, inside exisiting fireplaces or can even be recessed into walls. Ducted systems can even be hidden within the ceiling itself.

What types are there?
  • Single-split systems are suitable for a single room (one indoor unit connected to one outdoor unit)
  • Multi-split systems are suitable for several rooms (multiple indoor units connected to one outdoor unit)
  • Ducted systems are suitable for whole houses (one outdoor unit connected to one or more concealed indoor units with the heat distributed via ducting tubes in the ceiling to individual rooms)
How long do they last?

They are incredibly reliable. They use the same technology as a home fridge or freezer and therefore have the same expectation of dependability and life expectancy. The top brands come with 5 Year manufacturer’s warranty or more.